The Concept

With Great anticipation www.engagement-ring-mountings.com is pleased to invite you to preview our newest and most recent Custom Antique Three Stone Ring Collection.

The Step by step process is rather technical, we will try to explain this in very non-technical terms.
Antique jewelry is a difficult item to recreate and or replicate into the antique style. In order to master the process and keeping with the tradtion of the delicate work which was achieved over a Century ago.

In the process to re-create the beauty, femininity and delicateness of the Jewelry Art Appeal. We Have Mastered A Technique To Recreated The Beauty And Femininity Of The Old World Craftsman, In Adddittion To Each Ring Setting Having the Old World Look and Feeling Of The Past.

The Initial Step, The Design

The idea always starts with a Vision and Inspiration.

Your inspiration is always welcomed, especially to assist in the creation you are eager to see come to life.

We look forward to your personal ideas, we require the millimeter measurements of your stones, along with your ring finger size and of course your preference and choices of gold or platinum and a sketch if available.

The final ring which stems from a variety of Ideas, meshed together to develope a Beautiful and Unique three Stone Ring Setting, with Proper Proportions and and Balance. Making the setting exact and perfect for your stone setter to set your precious and important stone with ease.

The formula used for the success of our designing and executing is a blend of Antique Base Period Styling with Delicate and Feminine Designs Coupled with Elements of Computerization.

Specialized in Custom Antique Work

Custom Antique Three Stone to fit Diamonds

Custom Antique Special three Stone Ring

Custom Unusual Design Antique Style Ring