The Concept

With great pride www.engagement-ring-mountings.com is please to introduce our newest Custom Design Collection.
We will explain the step by step process of the Designing of Antique Style ring Settings.

Antique Jewelry is  difficult and cumbersome to recreate. In order to recreate the jewelry of the most fabulous times, to re-blend the delicate appearance and quality of the past, makes the process more entailed and perfect.

We have mastered the ability to recreate the Beauty and Femininity of The Antique Style Ring Setting and Antique Style Rings of The Old World.
Each ring setting having a blend of Balance of Beauty of the time and Workmanship of the Past.

The Idea starts with a Primary Vision, the Design Process and Development grows from the Computer Assisted Design. The Design Elements and Thoughts are born with a Vision and entered into the system for Reality.

The Paramount reason for this successful achievement lies in the appropriate blend of Antique Base Period going through various elements of CAD software and successfully recreating and transferring the delicate, feminine design and feeling of  Old World Jewelry to Reality.

Custom Design Antique Style Ring

The Initial Step, The Design

We research with in our own vast private  library of approx. 680 precious antique books, acquired through many years of very selective collecting.
With that, our  thoughts to blend and create, a particular design requested by you.
We then apply your Vision and Request, with our Vision and Design to accommodate the millimeter measurements of each and every diamond and or gemstone involved for the process.

Once A Design is complete you will have the capabilities to view the design right on your computer.

Upon your approval of the completed design, the exact Computer Design will be rendered. The rendering is exact and precise as  you see it from the engineering machines. The ring design is then built up in the wax form, which had been feed with pinpoint accuracy. Following this amazing process a Wax form is obtained. Then a master Mold is made unique to your diamond or gemstone dimensions and prepared for the casting process.

The ring setting then goes for polishing, stone setting and finishing, the final step is Quality Control.

The quality control department, makes certain the ring setting is finished with Old World Love, that the Details are  clear, the Polishing perfect, the Accent Stones always set with hand precision.

Picture of Polished Antique Design Engagement Setting

Custom Antique Design Engagement Ring Setting
Antique Design Ring Completed