Tree of life

“Bamboo” Is A Symbol Of The Culture Of The Far East. Its Grace, Strength And Ability To Bend In The Wind Without Breaking, Represents Its Resilience And Gentle Compliance. The Bamboo Is Based On The Philosophy To Strengthen. With This, We Apply The Knowledge Of Nature To A Couples Bonding As They Enter A Commitment Of Love, Caring, Dreams And Marriage.

We Have Based Our Designs And Works On This Philosophy. As A Couple Engaging To A relationship Of Commitment To One Another For Love, Honor and Lasting Romance. To Prepare And Plan For An Everlasting Life Of Marriage.

In tradition, Generations Gather Together In Harmony In The

Celebrations Of Life, Family, Happiness And In Appreciation For The Beauty Of Nature.

Green Is The Color Of Life, The Season Of Spring And Youth Representing Hope And Joy. It Is A Universal Sign To Move Forward In Life.
Associated With Ecology And Preserving The Earth’s Resources.

Historically, Bamboo Symbolizes Longevity; The Joined Stems Of The Bamboo Indicate The Paths And Steps Towards Fulfillment.

Bambamboo Symbol