Prestige Gems was created in late 2003 with a handful of creative and knowledgeable people. With thought and care this small sincere group, having a combination of extraordinary knowledge and talent.Each person having diverse specialties and varying knowledge, from jewelry historians to jewelry designers, gemologists and manufacturer. Combining  all these talents and decades of knowledge with hands on experience in the jewelry industry arena.  Knowledge stemming from  old world jewelry art to the most modern equipment available, with  vision, perseverance and ideas.  From this combination two web sites were developed and each web site is complimentary to one another.  The antique and estate jewelry site www.evelynkay.com,  displays  fine signature, antique and vintage jewelry,  for the jewelry lover and collector of old world antique and modern estate signed signature jewelry. The second web site was developed from the same combination  www.engagement-ring-mountings.com this site flourished into  a large important collection of ring setting, manufactured in the USA. The collection having varied selections to  choose from , "Something For Everyone".  Combinations and reminiscences of the old world design, look and feel, including modern designs, classical and traditional styles, designed with straight lines of current fashion.  Custom designs for the one of a kind ring is not a challenge, it is a  development of perfection to fit that special precious stone, and make the dream ring setting come to  life. The evolution of jewelry on the internet has opened an avenue for custom designing to become a specialty with ease.Styles for the fashion conscious and  traditional styling fashion taste, antique style ring settings recreated to capture the delicate details of nature and yesterday.

We have been fortunate to have developed a clientele not only from internet exposure, but overwhelmingly from referrals.  This in itself explains the fine quality of workmanship we deliver.  All diamonds are hand picked to double  insure the size, color and clarity of each and every stone.  Every ring setting is polished to perfection allowing every detail to stand alone. With wonderment our customer care goes above and beyond to make certain everything gathers smoothly for each client. Each and every person you come in contact with has been trained and Graduated from Gemological Institute of America. 

We would like to Thank You for vising with us. 
For Consultation and information you may reach us toll free 1.888.800.8011 during the hours of 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM eastern time...